Pueraria Mirifica

Recently American Phyto Lab has acquired the analytical standard to measure both miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol and other unique markers in Pueraria Mirifica. Some commercial supplement manufacturers have touted claims for standardizing the miroestrol from wild plants. This is is highly unlikely to be the case. Companies using LC-MS and / or HPLC are basically using a best guess method which is currently unverifiable. Why? The primary reason is they are using peaks acquired without miroestrol . Leading Thai scientists scoff at commercial American companies claiming miroestrol standardization using the LC-MS method which has not been validated with actual miroestrol. A leading American PHD in pharmacology recently commented that it is highly unlikely these companies really know what they have "conjured up". In the past American Phyto Lab has taken the position that miroestrol was the driving active in Pueraria Mirifica. From the newest research it has been demonstrated there can be 2 co-actives in the plant. Testing using commercial supplement  powders has revealed that high quality Pueraria Mirifica contains both of these actives in significant quantities. Deoxymiroestrol is the dominant active in the highest quality samples tested. A number of samples in the study had little or no miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol suggesting much variability in wild pueraria mirifica. From the totality of  present valid quantitative studies done, it is becoming clear that crude processing and processing latency has a dramatic effect on actives particularly deoxymiroestrol.   Clearly as we learn more we understand that miroestrol is not dominant in many varieties of pueraria mirifica. Extraction techniques claiming standardization can claim a standardized method of processing, however absolutely no reflection on quantitative values reflecting the quality of the end product.  

Pueraria Mirifica has grown for centuries in Northern Thailand certainly is a miracle plant. Its very powerful estrogenic effects has the power to make many of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture prescription estrogen products for various uses quiver. Pueraria Mirifica is agonistic for calcium.1   It has been used safely in various parts of Asia for centuries and its benefits as an anti-aging remedy have lived up to the folklore!   Pueraria mirifica is very close to being the "Fountain of Youth." The broad based phytoestrogen complex in Pueraria Mirifica far exceeds all other plant supplements. The dominant driving estrogenic compounds mimic 17 beta estradiol with some very, very distinct differences. Unlike 17 beta estradiol, deoxmiroestrol and miroestrol are not steroidal compounds. The actives in Pueraria Mirifica extracts are not mutagenic nor do they cause proliferation of cells in Mcf 7 platings2 nor has it in animal studies done in England in the early 1960's.3   Recently a Korean group isolated a fraction from Pueraria Mirifica called spinosterols which had a significant anti-proliferative effect on breast cancer cell lines, including MCF-7, ZR-75-1, MDA-MB-231, SK-BR-3, and Hs578T.4  One of these spinosterol fractions affected the growth (inhibitory) of some breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7, MDAMB- 231) in a dose- and time-dependent manner, as well as the growth of ovarian (2774) and cervical cancer cells (HeLa).Another recent study study by a Thai-Japanese team has discovered very compelling and powerful implications for men. It had previously been thought that because of deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol's unique efficacy mature men could use it only sparingly. This recent study (animal) demonstrates that it takes a great deal of Pueraria Mirifica to effect the androgenic-hypothalamic axis. This has profound anti-aging implications for men.5

Studies in England  have demonstrated miroestrol is mamogenic.  (There is absolutely no evidence to suggest isoflavones are mamogenic).   Phytoestrogen compounds have been shown to have an influential role in the supporting bone health, prostrate health,  menopause, vaginal health,  healthy cholesterol ratios (women), maintenance of hair pattern, and breast health.

Table 1.Chromene,isoflavonoid,and coumestran derivatives in Pueraria Mirifica  The complex dynamic of high quality Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraraprem)


  Chromenes Isoflavones  Isoflavone     


 Coumestans Glycosides        Phytosterols                    

   miroestrol daidzein diazin coumestans glycosides  
 deoxymiroestrol genistein genistin coumestrol      beta-sitosterols
  kwakhurin mirificin mirificoumestan       spinosterols
  kwakhurin hydrate


puerarin mirificoumestan hydrate       stigmasterol
    puerarin-6" monacetate    


  Cultivars: Premium Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraraprem)| Premium Butea Superba (Buteaprem) | American Phyto Lab : raw materials for supplement and cosmetic





















































































































A word about Butea Superba    

There are many species of Butea Superba and many species coming out of the wild.   Our cultivar (Buteaprem TM ) has been developed by our research staff from several select species.   Of course not all of these species are created equal.   Marketers want to make and sell Butea Superba products for men.   It is unfortunate that they are purchasing the lowest quality material available coming in from Thailand.   These wild materials  are acquired in the jungles by villagers.  Butea Superba is similar to Pueraria Mirifica and Korean Ginseng in the sense that they really need to grow for many years to achieve any real efficacy.  Most of the Pueraria Mirifica and Butea Superba is harvested in remote locations.   If it is not processed and desiccated rapidly the actives that are in the plant begin to oxidize.

What Thai companies have elected to do  is make extracts out of these inferior wild materials.   It sounds impressive 4:1, 10:1, 30:1, 120:1 etc.   Unfortunately much of the older growth wild Butea Superba and Pueraria Mirifica has been harvested years ago.  It is human nature to think in terms of yearly harvests.   Unfortunately a 6 month old or even a 4 year old plant  may contain no actives at all: well , 4 x 0 =0, 10 x 0= 0, 30 x 0= 0, 100 x0 = 0.   Do you get the message?  Where 0 = actives.   Many herbal enthusiasts selling low quality Butea Superba make a lot of ridiculous  exaggerations and claims.  Butea Superba has several physiological functions.  Broadly It is a tonic and has been found to be anabolic.  Animal studies show increases in luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating (associated with increased sperm production in men).  Some Butea Superba is relatively high in novel Flavonoids and Flavonoid Gycosides.   Research has demonstrated  potent phosphodiesterase  inhibitory effects.   In a recent study done with male human volunteers in Thailand using GC/MAS SPEC on urine samples with short term administration of Butea Superba researchers found increases of androstendione, testosterone, estradiol and estriol.  Mild increases of Luteinizing Hormone were observed.  There is an anabolic compound in the plant that that is similar to follicle stimulating hormone.






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7.  Unfortunately not all known secondary actives can be commercially measured.


































































































































Isoflavolignands  isoflavones Coumestans Anti-oxidant  fractions


 Ache     support FSH Androstendione,  Testosterone support Phytosterols
  medicarpin   procyanidin B2 Compound unknown Compound unknown  
Butesuperins A biochanin A coumestrol epicatechin     Beta Sitosterol
Butesuperins B daidzein   procyanidin B5     Stigmasterol
  genistein         Campesterol
PDE inhibition support Phytoestrogen support aromatase     inhibition support Anti-oxidant support Memory support Androgenic Support Prostate Cholesterol  support


We manufacture supplement powder (with naturally occurring cellulose), extract powders (low ratios) cellulose removed for cosmetics and natural ratio extracts in propylene glycol and other solvents (special order). The actives in our products are significantly higher than wild extracts. Many wild supplement material contains little or no  miroestrol and secondary actives profile is much lower. It is unlikely from the current quantitative studies down that wild supplement material has significant deoxymiroestrol. To insure high quality processing we utilize and maintain onsite desiccation equipment with controlled temperature.  Materials are desiccated and processed immediately after harvest. This is a lengthy process and one of the keys for maximum actives. Our paradigms are far superior to sun-drying plants or transporting wild plants from remote locations to the city. Time = oxidation= less actives= no deoxymiroestrol.  Superior processing means higher actives especially deoxymiroestrol which is quite volatile.
  The complex dynamic of high quality Butea Superba (Buteaprem TM )
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